The Best of 2016

  Can you believe we are saying goodbye to 2016? What a year it has been! I didn’t realize how big of a year it’s been until I started working on this post. I want to thank you for being part of it all! Before the January newsletter goes out on the 1st, I wanted to share the BEST OF 2016. What have been some of your favorites this year? BEST BLOG POSTS- The most popular posts by month… January- Start the Year off Right with S.M.A.R.T. Goals– In this post I share what S.M.A.R.T. goals are and how you use them […]

The Power of Praise in Students Practice

  Think of the last time someone praised you on something you accomplished whether big or small. When was the last time you received an email or perhaps a note in the mail from someone saying how proud they are of you? Or perhaps offered a word of encouragement for something you were struggling with? Now think of how it made you feel? Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, cites a study that says when children first start school, they score up to 80% in the self-esteem category. By the time they reach 5th grade, the children scored only […]

5 Creative Times for Practicing

  While a consistent daily routine for practice is best, there are going to be days that the schedule is just thrown out the window. It’s during those times that families need to get a little more creative in when their child can practice. Here are 5 creative times you can share with your families. 1. Practice BEFORE school. I was my families alarm clock when I was taking lessons. And let me tell you, I had to wake up early if I was going to get practice in before school. I got ready for school first so I would be more alert […]

Once Upon A Time; A Music Lab Story

Once Upon a Time there was a piano teacher who lived in a small town. She enjoyed teaching piano lessons but was looking for something to spice things up a bit. Something that would allow her students to learn and engage in more than what there was time for during lessons. She had heard about this thing called a music lab, where you can add time before or after a students lesson while continuing to teach another student. This would allow students to continue to learn, review and engage in music concepts independently. She loved this idea and decided to […]

Sit or Stand?

In our home, we go through office chairs way to often. Not necessarily because we have worn them out, though we have definitely done that, but because we just can’t find “the one”. You know, the one I’m talking about?  The one that solves all your problems when it comes to sitting. When I “try out” a chair at the store it seems so perfect but then after a week or so of using it I was still experiencing the same back pain I had with the past several chairs. Now I know there are some chairs out there that can […]

Why You Won’t See Certain Resources…

Pokemon Go, Minecraft, Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter even Dr. Seuss (I could go on and on…) are all the rage right now. And when something is popular it is so tempting to get in on it. Before you do, be very careful… because all of these things have strict copyright and/or trademarks attached. What does that mean? Short answer: You cannot share a resource you created whether it’s free or paid with anyone else if it has copyrighted images, trademarked words/phrases etc. on it unless you have permission to use them. Even if you totally changed it up and created […]

12 Ways to Motivate Students to Practice

I recently had the opportunity to write an article in the August issue of The Piano Bench Magazine. If you don’t currently get this magazine, please check it out. It is a quick read and has valuable articles, tips, reviews and more- all related to piano pedagogy. The Piano Bench Magazine is available in the iTunes store and Google Play store where you can read it on your iPad or Tablet. 12 Ways to Motivate Students to Practice When students hear the word “practice” is there an automatic let down or does the word create more positive feelings? Let’s face it; […]