Music Crafts for Your Group Activities

During my camps and workshops I try to have some kind of craft students can make that goes along with our theme. Taking a craft break is a fun hands on activity students enjoy plus they get to take their finished product home! I thought I would share some music craft ideas I have done with my students. Hopefully it will help give you some ideas you can do with your students. Homemade Instruments  Homemade Instruments are always a great craft activity to do in a camp, workshop or group setting. After all instruments always relate to music. When we are […]

Two Music Games Students Will LOVE!

I wanted to share a couple games we played at Christmas camp that were a big hit especially with the boys but the girls loved it too! Both of these games have nothing to do with Christmas so you can use them anytime. Best played during a group lesson or camp. Now as you probably know by now, my theme this year is a Quest so I wanted to incorporate a couple games that would go perfectly with our theme. Blow Bow Intervals Materials Needed: Straw, Q-Tip, a Target of some kind (I used small boxes), Interval Target Cards. How to […]

Are Ground Rules Necessary for Summer Camp?

Why establish ground rules? Here is the thing, I say it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s always better for students to know what is expected of them before any problems should incur. Ground rules set a precedent and clear understanding of what you expect from students when they are with you for their camp or group activity session. Who? You may not have behavior issues with your older students but you may have issues with them whipping out their cell phone every second that they can. Set ground rules that are appropriate to the ages your students in your […]

2 Do’s and a Don’t for Running a Summer Camp

I have learned a lot over the years when running a music camp. Some things are easy to figure out and some not so much. I thought I would share 2 Do’s and a Don’t when running a music camp with your students. Do Over Prepare! When I am creating my lesson plans for summer camp or a workshop, I always make sure I add at the bottom of my lesson plans “If Time…” If time is a list of several games and activities that I can do with my students at the drop of a hat. Things that I don’t necessarily […]

Top 3 Benefits of Summer Camp

For over 20 years now I have been holding summer camps in my studio. Matter of fact, I hold camps in my studio twice a year (December and May/June) because I find them so beneficial. If you ever toyed with the idea of running a summer camp, I would highly encourage you to give it a try. There are SO many things we can do with our students during this time that we just don’t have time during their weekly lessons. That is a benefit in itself and I haven’t even shared my top 3 yet! Retain summer income (or make […]

Getting Parents Involved in Your Groups!

This week was one of my all time favorite group lessons! The reason? I had a special guest come to present to my students. The special guest was a Dad of 3 students I teach. I knew he had a pretty cool music background and a lot of instruments but it wasn’t until I had him come in did I really get to experience the wealth of knowledge and experiences he had to share. This made me think, what other hidden talents do my other parents have that would be fun for them to share with my students? Have any […]

Feature Friday: Composer Time Capsules

One of my favorite group lesson activities was one I did 10 years ago, composer time capsules. Time capsules are a fun way to not only learn about someone but they are a great way to remember interesting facts and stories. I recently updated my first time capsule from way back when on Johann Sebastian Bach and uploaded it to my TpT store here. I thought it would be fun to show you an inside look at what I do with the composer time capsules as more will be added and be made available. Feel free to join me for Feature […]