Flashback Friday!

Recital season is upon is. Maybe yours is already done? Mine is next week! Just thought I would re-post an idea that worked great in my studio last year. Did again this year! It’s working out great! Visit: An Idea For Your Recital Program Best wishes to everyone and your recitals!  

Be Our Guest! Common Time: Creating Community Within Your Studio

I’m happy to introduce our March guest, Megan Desmarais. You will want to make sure you read her post as it is filled with wonderful ideas. Be sure to visit her blog, Pianissimo- a very piano blog when you get the chance. Common Time:  Creating Community Within Your Studio As a piano teacher, one of my goals has always been to create and maintain a sense of community within my studio.  Since playing the piano can, at times, be a fairly solitary experience, I also want to show my students that it can be the opposite.  Enjoying and making music is […]

Christmas Stinky Stockings Game

This week I have been polishing up my lesson plans for our studio Christmas camp which will start the first week of December. Just in the nick of time, Wendy Stevens has released a Christmas version of her fun game, Stinky Stockings! Stinky Stockings is a fun interactive “hot potato” style game that will be a holiday hit in your studio! Find a Christmas stocking, toss in the cards, turn on some music and start passing! When the music stops, a student pulls out a card and does what the card says. There are 7 different card topics in this […]

Free Halloween Music

This week my students have been picking out Halloween music to play in our yearly Halloween Festival. If you are new to the blog, you might not be aware of my early elementary halloween pieces you can download for free! Click here to find them. Enjoy!

An idea for your recital program

This year in my studio students earned jewels throughout the year for different accomplishments. Next week at our group lesson (post recital) party I am holding an auction so students can “spend” their jewels (we did a pirate theme). I have 36 students that participated in this and I was realizing how expensive this auction would be. So I was trying to come up with an idea to generate a little more money to help fund the auction. I tried asking for some gently used or new donations from parents that could be auctioned off and got no response. Then […]

Halloween Festival

Happy Halloween! A week and a half ago was my studio Halloween Festival. I always like to do some kind of pass along game during the event. The trick is to think outside the box so I’m not doing the same thing every year. This year I had the idea to do a trick or treat “live” board game. Students would perform their Halloween piece and then pick a card that said Trick or  Treat. The Trick’s were something silly to do (ie: cackle like a witch, walk like Frankenstein…) and the Treats were questions (ie: what is your favorite […]

Having fun with iMovie

I recently downloaded the iMovie app. Even though I have iMovie on my Mac, I wanted to try it out as an app and I have to say that I think I like it even better as an app. I find it super easy to use. After seeing one of the themes available that went perfectly with our studio theme we were working on this year I thought it would be fun to create a studio movie trailer of what students will be doing this year. So I took video and pictures from some group lessons and regular lessons and […]