How to Respond to Bullies When You Own Your Own Business

Disclaimer We all have come across bullies at some stage of our life. But dealing with a bully can make things a little more complicated when it is related to your business. You can go many years with no problems in regards to your policy or your business, but eventually you may come across someone who decides to “test” it. And sometimes (though rarely) the “test” leads to having to dismiss them from your studio. When you reach that point, it’s usually a decision that has not been taken lightly. It is not easy decision or action to take, but is usually necessary. […]

Using Modern Tools to Create Excitement for Old Masterworks & Their History

A couple weeks ago, I attended the Arizona Music Teachers Association conference held in Tempe, AZ. The theme was “Breathing New Life into Old Masterworks.” Here I am with my roomie, Lynnette! Lynnette and I have been conference roomies for 6 years now! So fun! Initially I wasn’t going to submit an application to present this year as I had a lot of my plate and didn’t really want to add one more thing. But then I heard what the theme was and it sparked an idea of a presentation topic that would be relevant to the theme. So needless to say […]

Review: The Non-Musician’s Guide to Parenting a Piano Player

Peter Walsh, Australian pianist and author, recently published a book, The Non-Musician’s Guide to Parenting a Piano Player. I received a copy for review and I have to say that I am so glad I got a physical copy because there are two things that immediately stood out to me before I even opened the cover. First- I loved the soft cover. It felt good in my hands and I haven’t come across many books with this particular texture. Second- I love that this book is small enough (7 -3/4″ x 5″) to fit in a purse or bag so parents can take […] Conference

Did you hear? The conference is almost here! It begins Tuesday, February 2nd! The benefits of online conferences are many. Here are my top 3… You can watch in your PJ’s! You can watch live or at your convenience (more on this later) No travel expenses Brand new this year, there will be a “Tech Tuesday” which will include many “how to” sessions like How to Broadcast Your Recital Over the Internet, extend your screen as well as how to use iMovie and GarageBand. The first half of the session will be live with the 2nd half recorded so you can watch […]

Tech Tuesday: 2016

Coming soon to a computer near you… With a brand new line up,, an online conference is coming soon! This year the conference will start out with keynote speaker, Pete Jutras, presenting “The Road Ahead.”  He will be speaking on the future of teaching piano and what is the best way to teach this next generation effectively. Brand new this year, there will be a “Tech Tuesday” which will include many “how to” sessions like How to Broadcast Your Recital Over the Internet, extend your screen as well as how to use iMovie and GarageBand. The first half of the […]

Build a Better Studio TODAY!

Are you wanting to build a better studio? Improve your skills as a teacher? Learn more about technology? Teaching ideas? Tips and Tricks? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you will want to venture on over to The webinar registration is now LIVE and on sale 30% off through Wednesday the 14th when you use the code LAUNCH2015. Great deal! Can’t watch the webinars right now? No worries! Just purchase now and watch at your convenience. They are recorded webinars so you aren’t missing a thing. Check out the featured guest list! I for one cannot […]

ASMTA Conference: The Yamaha Method

It’s always interesting to hear about different teaching methods. Lois Jensen spoke on The Yamaha Method. You may have heard about the Yamaha method but maybe like me didn’t quite know what it was all about. The Yamaha Method is based on 5 concepts: 1) Timely education- Right thing, right time, right way- developmentally appropriate 3-5 years old optimum age (best ear training)   2) Group lessons- One hour a week with parents Benefits- Ensemble, learning from peers, energy of group music, social skills, encouragement   3) Use Keyboard as a learning tool Ease of play Accurate pitch Can play […]