Fall Kickoff 2014

A couple weeks ago, we kicked off the new school year! When students walked in, I gave them their Getting to Know You sheet to fill out for the year. Then students shared their practice prop projects they worked on over the summer. (Students make a project that represents their practicing. This can be minute based, goal based or piece based). Here are a few. If you want to see more with more details, then visit my studio blog. I’ll be posting them in the next day or two… I then introduced our new theme and program- REACH BEYOND THE STARS […]

Fall Kickoff 2013

I realized last week when talking to Andrea Dow about group lessons that I hadn’t posted about this years Fall Kickoff! So I thought we take a little field trip over to my studio blog where you can read about the kickoff and see the different practice prop projects that my students did this year. This year I decided to have students vote on their top 3 favorite projects (they couldn’t vote on their own). I will be posting those results on the studio blog soon. Fall Kickoff 2013  

Fall Kickoff 2012

Ahoy Matey’s! This year our theme is Hidden Treasures. Students will be focused on finding the “hidden treasures” in our music; focusing on Rhythm, Notes, Technique, Dynamics and Expression. Students will be advancing on their pirate treasure map as they practice each week and advance pirate ranks. In addition they will earn their pirate “booty” (aka jewels) for completing different tasks and the hidden gem for the week. Students will be able to spend their booty at the Pirate auction in May. I bought Jeana Beasley’s Hidden Treasure Kit (which will be perfect to use during group lessons and Christmas camp) and […]

Fall Kickoff and Summer Practice Prop Projects

This last week was the first week back to lessons from summer break and I decided to hold a Fall Kickoff.  This was the first time doing this and I LOVED it!  It was a great way to ease back into a schedule for both the students and I.  Here is the flyer I sent to parents to give you an idea of what Fall Kickoff is all about…   2011 Fall Studio Kickoff At the Fall Kickoff students shared their practice prop projects that they worked on over their summer break.  This was a huge success!  In the past I […]

Getting ready for Fall Studio Kickoff

Last year I started what I call Fall Studio Kickoff. Basically the first lesson back from summer is a group lesson kicking off the new school year. I noticed the first lesson back students aren’t quite into the “groove” of being back with school just getting started so I wanted to do something that would give them a week to refresh and get excited about the new school year with piano lessons. During fall studio kickoff week, students come on their normally scheduled lesson day but at the same time (ie: 4-5:30pm). The purpose of the Fall kickoff is 3-fold. […]

Getting to Know Our Students- Fun Activities to Kick Off the School Year!

Back to school is just around the corner. For some much closer than others. Regardless when your fall semester begins, it will be here before we know it! I think it’s important to get to know my students beyond the time I spend teaching them. I want to know what makes them tick. Their likes and dislikes. I want to know what music they like and listen to but I also want to know what they do outside of school, what their favorite food is or movie. There are so many ways to get to know our students better.  Get […]

Motivating Practice Over the Summer

  It’s summer! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the pools are glistening and vacations are long overdue. So how do we keep students motivated to practice over the summer when what they really need is a break? Breaks allow us to re-energize, re-assess, rejuvenate. Do you see a theme going on here? Breaks are healthy. My students need them and I know for a fact that I need them. While I would hope my students do play over the summer, I don’t expect practice to be the quantity/quality it usually is. Sometimes they surprise me though and […]

Creative Practice Tools and Ideas

Practice! When you hear the word practice what is the first adjective you usually think about?  Is it work, fun, boring, tedious, joyful? Practice, is usually a word that is usually dreaded among students. Yet, it is an important word. It’s what allows us to grow, get better at, progress and improve. So what can we do to make practicing more fun and efficient with our students? I wanted to share some creative practice tools and ideas. Hopefully there is at least one that will inspire you and help motivate your students to enjoy the process of practicing! Practice Kits Back in […]

Top 3 Benefits of Summer Camp

For over 20 years now I have been holding summer camps in my studio. Matter of fact, I hold camps in my studio twice a year (December and May/June) because I find them so beneficial. If you ever toyed with the idea of running a summer camp, I would highly encourage you to give it a try. There are SO many things we can do with our students during this time that we just don’t have time during their weekly lessons. That is a benefit in itself and I haven’t even shared my top 3 yet! Retain summer income (or make […]

A Couple Updates

Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s August 1st! Wow! Summer has flown! I start lessons next week with our fall kickoff. Who else is starting back with fall semester soon? I wanted to let everyone know about a couple updates in the Magical Lute; A Musical Quest files because Facebook is not always good about letting everyone see the posts. I updated the Creative Story Composition file (included in deluxe or as an ala-carte item) as I noticed a small layout problem on the composition pages. So that is all fixed. Also I added a poster (included in both basic and deluxe) if your students like to see where […]