Halloween Festival 2014

Halloween Decor

Every year my students dress up in costume and perform a halloween piece in October. It’s one of our favorite events to look forward to! Every year I also like to put a little twist on the event and come up withsomething between the performance pieces. And let me tell you it is getting harder and harder to figure out new ideas. But this year I came across a Halloween Jokes “I Have, Who Has” Game that Tweet Resources created. PERFECT!


If you not familiar with how “I have who has” games work it goes like this…  Someone starts off with the question. Then everyone looks at their cards to figure out if they have the answer. So in this case being jokes, I started off with a joke, then each family looks at their cards. If they think they have the answer to the joke then they give the answer. Then everyone laughs and a performer performs! It is a great way to not only entertain during the event but to relax each performer before they go up to perform!

Afterwards I picked a students name from the pumpkin jar to see who won a treat. Then it was pictures, goodies and guess how many candies are in the jar time! A spooktacular time for all!

Here are a couple group pictures. If you want to see more pictures, just click here to go to my studio blog.


IMG_6592My families bring in treats to share, but I saw a cute fruit kabob pumpkin online and thought it would be an easy thing to do and would make a perfect center piece. Turned out super cute!

IMG_3483I dressed up as a Jedi music teacher who fights Rhythm Wars with Boomwackers. 😉



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