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Jerald Simon

If your students are fans of Jerald Simon’s music, then you are in for a real treat. Jerald Simon has started an annual subscription option for teachers and their students. Every Friday, he will be sharing a new “Cool Song” and “Cool Exercise for piano teachers and their students.

Piano teachers who subscribe to the “Individual Piano Teacher” package have permission to print each new “Cool Song” and “Cool Exercise” with the piano students in their studio along with emailing students the three different “minus tracks”.

With the “Platinum Piano Teacher Subscription“, teachers are still licensed to print off every new piece and exercise, but in addition, you receive a license to print off all of his books as PDFs for your students in your studio during your annual subscription. (You do need to renew each year to print off the books and continue receiving new “Cool Songs” and “Cool Exercises”, but during your annual subscription, you will receive every single new book Jerald comes out with as a PDF download and will be able to print them off for your students. (Platinum is the best deal) You can visit this link to learn more about it.

The one that came out on 9-12-14 is called When Sharks ATTACK! Oh my goodness, add the minus track to this piece and students will absolutely go crazy for it! So cool!!! You can check it the video here. I love that Jerald is including video’s. In the video he goes through both the cool song and cool exercise and gives some tips and tricks to help students learn them.

Still not convinced? Try the first cool song and cool exercise for FREE here!  If you’d like to receive these weekly “Cool Songs” and “Cool Exercises”, you can learn more about them by visiting this link on Jerald’s website here. Only those who have subscribed to the annual subscription will receive all of the videos and downloads after this first one.

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